Английский язык для медиков Лондон, Великобритания, англійська мова для медиків у Лондоні, Великобританії
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англійська для медиків

Вивчення англійської мови для медиків у поєднання з підготовкою до IELTS.

Однією з вимог зарахування на даний курс є рівень володіння англійською мовою на рівні IELTS 4.0, тому наведена нижче інформація публікується англійською мовою.

Overall course title: English for Healthcare Professionals.

The course combines intensive IELTS exam preparation and blended medical English to give our students the very best possible chance to gain not only the qualification they need but the skills they want to function at their best in patient care.

Overall course structure: a blended course comprising of no less than 15 hours dedicated Academic IELTS preparation and minimum 10 hours English for Healthcare Professionals per week.

Course Key Facts

•    Input: 25 hours classroom based tuition per week
•    Duration: Available in 8 or 12 weeks
•    Entry Level: Intermediate and above (CEFR B1-B2)
•    Start Dates: 27th June 2016 (12 week course); 27th June 2016 (8 week course); 19th September 2016 (12 week course)
•    Includes: Entry testing; Course material; Full exit report and Certification and IELTS exam fee

•    8 week course - £880
•    12 week course -  £1200
•    Enrolment Fee - £40
•    Visa Document Courier Fee - £35


Bloomsbury Teaching Centre: one of our three teaching centres, this is located 5 minutes’ walk from Holborn Tube station and less than 10 minutes’ walk from Great Ormond Street Hospital; University College London Hospital; Hospital for Tropical Diseases and the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital.

What we teach  you:

The aims of the course are to
i)   improve your communication skills at work and your English knowledge in key areas of healthcare.
ii)   raise your IELTS level to the required 7.0
iii)   work on career enhancement through interview practice and applications
iv)   connect you with healthcare employers
v)   give greater understanding of healthcare provision in England and Wales including structure of NHS

Start dates:

  • Summer Term 27th June-16th Sept (12 weeks), 27th June- 19th August (8 Weeks)
  • Autumn Term 19th Sept- 16th December (12 weeks)

Times of day:

•    IELTS preparation course: Monday to Fridays 08.45-12.00 or 15.15-18.30

•    Healthcare course: Monday to Friday 12.05-14.05

Course overview –  12 week programme:


Academic IELTS

English for Healthcare


Extending responses, transcribing numbers and varying language

Emergency medicine: Technical and non- technical words


Understanding differences in multiple-choice options, preparing for Speaking Part 2 and completing tables

Accidents: Fractures and causes of injury


Comparing data, understanding difficult words and responding to opinion questions

Sports medicine: Patient vocabulary, giving warnings and using persuasion


Answering multiple-choice questions, expres- sions with prepositions and connecting causes and effects

Obstetrics: Lay words and medical terms


Environmental problems, analysing solution questions and predicting text organisation

Psychiatry: Symptoms and interpretation of the patient


Predicting Speaking Part 1 and 3 questions, completing plans and maps and locating information

Geriatrics: Healthcare & changing demographics and special equipment


Character adjectives and nouns, completing notes from a recording and topic sentences

Dermatology: Understanding exactly what the patient says and reflecting on personal experience


Matching headings with paragraphs, adverbs of degree and writing structured paragraphs

Surgery: Medical terminology for surgery


Answering true / false / not given questions, recognising question types and choosing multiple items in a list

Cardiology: Avoidance of technical terms and talking to anxious patients


Linking words and phrases, completing summaries and using sequencing markers

Respiratory medicine: Lung conditions and describing data


Separating connected speech, writing conclusions and understanding yes / no / not given questions

Tropical disease: Treating returning travellers and understanding cultural background


Avoiding common errors, sequencing words and scientific words

Technology: Evaluating change and dealing with reluctant patients

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